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We offer a range of high quality batteries to suit all pockets and all are guaranteed from one to five years dependent on the spec you have chosen.

Tracking/Wheel Alignment

  • Mis-alignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear which in turn affects both the handling and safety of the vehicle.
  • It can be caused by driving against a kerb, hitting potholes or just general wear and tear of moving parts.
  • Tracking involves checking the direction and angle of the wheel against the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.


We offer a range of high quality exhaust systems with a one to three year parts warranty, fitted by our fully trained technicians.


We have been a fully operational petrol station for more than 45 years. We sell both diesel and unleaded and have been told by customers that we remain extremely competitive, even against the big boys.

We offer petrol accounts to both businesses and individuals – please phone for more details.